About Renzo Chirulli

  • 25+ years in the development, applications and training for trenchless technology
  • 200+ km (125 mi) of designed, managed or supervised projects for trenchless installation
  • 50+ km (30 mi) of designed, managed or supervised projects for trenchless rehabilitation and replacement of existing pipes
  • 2 patents in the field of trenchless technology
  • 3 published books about trenchless technology
  • 70+ articles and papers
  • collaborations with more than 25 utility companies worldwide
  • collaborations with 8 universities
  • 500+ professionals and students trained in trenchless technology



A brief history of me

I am an independent engineer specialized in the development and application of Trenchless Technologies (TT). I was born in Italy where I graduated in Civil Engineering in 1990, working in geotechnics, special foundations, bridge and tunnel design until 1994.

I started my activity in the trenchless industry in 1994, working for Colli Drill Spa as independent consultant for the design and development of drill pipes and down-the-hole equipment for HDD (one of the most popular TT technology). In the field of HDD, I achieved some remarkable results: in the beginning of 2000, when I was the General Manager of SE Industries Inc. (Scorpio rigs), I launched the Dry Directional Drilling technology in the US and Canada. In the year 2010 I was the HDD expert consultant for the main contractor, in the largest project of ever for the insulation by HDD of two urban landfills.

In the field of no-dig rehabilitation and replacement of existing underground pipes, I collaborated with several utility companies (water, sewers and gas networks), making feasibility studies and detailed projects, directing and supervising works, and training the engineering and technical personnel in trenchless technology.

To date, I designed, managed or supervised many trenchless projects, in a wide range of soil conditions, diameters and lengths, more often facing and solving problems with non-conventional solutions, especially in rock drilling (to see work history, click here).

During the last 25 years, I established stable as well as occasional collaborations with several firms involved in the trenchless industry.

A large part of my activity is dedicated to the divulgation and promotion of HDD and Trenchless Technology. So far I signed many articles and papers, relevant to Trenchless Technology, published on technical and scientific-oriented journals and conference papers. I am also the author of three books related to Trenchless Technology. The latest, published in Spain in the year 2016, is an engineering handbook entitled “Manual de Ingeniería No-Dig” – Handbook of No-Dig Engineering (“Manuale di Ingegneria No-Dig” in the Italian version). This handbook is the fundamental educational material for my training courses.

As independent expert, I take part in technical-scientific committees and in teaching and tutoring activities within several Universities.

I also spend part of my time in training and educating professionals involved in the HDD and Trenchless Technology field; my advanced training courses represent some of the most complete engineering training courses related to HDD and Trenchless Technology, available in Europe today. The main Italian Oil & Gas companies attend my training courses together with the main Italian contractors and engineering firms operating in the Oil & Gas field.



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