Conference proceedings published in English / French

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Author/s: R. Chirulli
Title: Dry Directional Drilling: a trenchless technology with low environmental impact and high productivity for underground utility installation – Conference Proceedings  “INFRA 2000  6th Annual Urban Infrastructures Week”
Organized by: CERIU
Place: Laval, Qc  CANADA
Date: November 13th 2000 
reference number: 031

Author/s: R. Chirulli. M. Oricchio
Title: The technical and economical effectiveness of Dry Directional Drilling in urban utility installations -  Conference Proceedings  “No-Dig North America 2002”
Organized by: NASTT
Place: Montreal, Qc  CANADA
Date: April 28th 2002
reference number: 035

Author/s: R. Chirulli
Title: Inefficency Level, an adimensional index in the Indirect Generalized Costs comparisons – XXV No-Dig International Conference – Official Proceedings
Organized by: ISTT
Place: Roma, Italy
Date: September 10th 2007
reference number: 053

Author/s: V. Castellani, R. Chirulli, V. Mezzanotte, N. Mirabella, S. Sala
Title: Analyse du cycle de vie de la technologie sans tranchée pour la réhabilitation des réseaux d’égout (Life Cycle Assessment of trenchless technology for the rehabilitation of sewer systems) - Proceedings of the conference: ORGAGEC 2015. “Rénovation de la ville, les matériaux organiques dans l'enveloppe du bâtiment”
Organized by: ORGAGEC
Place: Champs-sur-Marne, France
Date: November 19th 2015
reference number: 068