Close-Fit Lining

Close-fit lining (CFL) consists in inserting into the host pipe a new, momentarily deformed pipe, which, once in position, is restored back to its original size and shape so that it may adhere perfectly to the internal walls of the host pipe, hence the term ‘close-fit’.

The temporary deformation of the new pipe reduces the cross section, thus making inserting the new pipe into the host pipe easier. Deformation is temporary because, once the new pipe is in place inside the host pipe, its original shape and size is restored.

The close-fit lining technique restores the functions of the host pipe completely, without there being a significant reduction in the cross section of the host pipe, unlike what may occasionally happen when using loose-fit lining techniques. Close-fit lining techniques are also known as close-fit pipe or CFP.

Close-Fit Lining: rolldown method



  • LENGTH RANGES FROM 5 M (15 FT) UP TO 1.000 M (3.300 FT) PER SHOOT

  • DIAMETER RANGES FROM 100 MM (4 IN) TO 1.500 MM (60 IN)