I gave my first specialized training course about trenchless technology in 1998. After the first one, I improved training programs and teaching methods achieving the definition of three standard training courses:

  • NoDig-Master
  • DD-Master
  • Relining-Master

NoDig-Master is the most comprehensive and advanced training course covering all the trenchless methods for the installation, rehabilitation and replacement of pipes, including all the complementary survey and diagnostic techniques. Depending on the program, the training course takes from 24 to 48 hours, distributed on three to six days. The NoDig Master gives you the fundamental basis for understanding no-dig technologies, making design and supervising jobs.

DD-Master focuses on trenchless installation methods, primarily Horizontal Directional Drilling, giving you all the elements for understanding the fundamental concepts of the technology. Depending on the program, the training course takes from 14 to 21 hours, distributed on two to three days. This training course lets you understand all the calculation methods used for the design of HDD installation, giving you the basic elements to handle mud engineering.

Relining-Master is the right training course to understand and handle all the no-dig rehabilitation and replacement technologies. Thanks to this training course you will learn calculation methods and operational stages, making you ready for your next rehabilitation or replacement project.

Training Courses are available in Italian, Spanish and English

Customized training courses can be arranged on request. Go to the CONTACT form.