Trenchless Technology

Do not miss the date!     21-25 November 2016

1º Curso en Ingeniería No-Dig – NoDig Master (en Castellano)
1° No-Dig Engineering Training Course – NoDig Master (language: Spanish)

35 hours on 5 days
Incredible price: just Euros 300,00

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Trenchless Technologies
(also known as No-Dig Technologies) are simply the smartest way to install, rehabilitate or replace underground utilities (pipes and cables) without excavating open trenches. That results in a lower energy consumption, a very low environmental impact and a faster and more productive way to do these works. Therefore, whatever utility you intend to install, rehabilitate or replace, I can help you to do it trenchless!

October 2016 – NEW Books from Renzo Chirulli

Manuale di Ingegneria No-Dig - Ottobre 2016 ITALIANOConsulta l’indice del volume e l’indice analitico.


70,00 € + costi di spedizione

“Manuale di Ingegneria No-Dig” – ITALIANO

ISBN 978-84-946170-1-0

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Consulta el índice de contenidos y el índice analítico.


70,00 € + gastos de envio

“Manual de Ingeniería No-Dig” – ESPAÑOL

ISBN 978-84-946170-0-3

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